Waist Training Tips

Waist Training Success Tips.

New to waist training and want to start off on the right foot?? Visit this page for continued education on how to get your body back or get the body you have always wanted. Most of you know my story.. I am a mother of 3.  I had all my kids by way of C-section. most people do not realize that pregnancy causes your abdominal muscles to separate and for some they do not come back together. This condition is called diastisis recti. Many women struggle with a mommy pug for the rest of their life because it doesn't resolve on its own. Compression  is the act using pressure to heal and shape the body. Waist training is just that In a nut shell.  Please review the below tips that I compiled to help you succeed in your journey..

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Tip #1

Don't fight the posture correction. Stand up straight. By doing so your helping to train those muscles that are out of shape or loose. If you can, use your own muscles to hold your belly in along with the waste trainer. Do it when you think about it and try to make a routine of it.

Tip# 2

Eat well and stay active. My results didn't come from the belt alone. I worked little by little by on changing my  eating habits and exercise when possible. By combining diet exercise and the corset I was able to shed fat and shape my body the way I've always wanted..


Take Breaks. Don't wear it 24/7 . Latex gets sweaty that's the point. Moisture in captivity for a long period of time is never good and can cause irritation. Its recommended that you wear your corset 5-7 hours at a time. More if you can stand it, start out at 5 hours and work your way up..Then take it off and let it dry and let your skin breathe. 


Take care of it..cleanse your corset every week 5-7 days. Gently using warm soapy water and a regular sponge, or throw it in your washer on gentle. For Hand washing: Gently scrub in a circular motion on the cotton side of the band thoroughly remove soap with clean wet sponge and repeat until you feel the soap has been removed. Let your trainer air dry completely before you put it back on. 


Stick with it. In My journey I took breaks. I took months off at a time depending on what I was going through or the time of year it was..Those breaks most certainly impacted the results though, so don't take long breaks.

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