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Hello Everyone! My Name Is JoAnn, Most of my clients call me JoJo. I Am a mother of 3 & owner of Amaya's Premium Hair. I started using Hair extensions in 1998, my very first weave was for senior prom. I have to admit quality didn't matter at that time for me. I just wanted to look beautiful for the occasion. As life went on I began wearing weaves due to time. My own natural hair was 4 hour wash & press at the salon every 2 weeks.


When I had my first child in 2010 ( Amaya) I knew I had to find another solution. At the age of 25 I was diagnosed with a mild form of oral cancer that scared the living daylights out of me! At that time I begin to research buying hair from the source because up until this point I had wasted 1000$'s of dollars trying to find good hair! The rest is history. My coworkers and employees begin asking me to get some hair from them so I launched my business after about a year of selling just in my name. Please watch the below videos to learn more about what I do and how my products can make beauty an accessible necessity in your life!.

My Vision

To make quality protective style & hair loss solutions easy and stress free for my clients. I am here for you to lean on, relax and enjoy the process!! 

Love JoJo

What Is a Hairy God Mother?

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Am I A Hairstylist? 

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